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Alert Center Closure: : Due to Hurricane Ian, the Crosby Wellness Center will be closed on Wednesday, September 28, and Thursday, September 29. Alert

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Fitness Floor FL

Les Mills Body Flow (Virtual)

Studio B

This class involves invigorating series of sun salutations, warrior sequences, hip openers, twists, and some Pilates-inspired core training.

Yoga Flow

Studio C

Sequence of moves, keeping the body moving to increase strength, balance and flexibility. A flowing yoga practice to increase strength, balance and flexibility. Emphasis placed on breath and movement.

Mat Pilates

Studio B

Breathe work to engage the core, back and supporting muscles to build full-body flexibility and strength.

Core and Stretch

Studio A

This class will focus on the core and back muscles to help stabilize your spine, prevent back pain, and keep you moving safely. All fitness levels are welcome.

Aqua Arthritis Movement


Low impact. Gentle stretching, cardio and range of motion exercises.


Studio B

perform exercises on a inflatable ball. The exercises challenge your muscles, helping to strengthen and build up the core muscles of your body, such as the abdominals, back, buttocks & […]

Aqua Fitness


All levels welcome! Challenge yourself in a low to medium-impact class where water resistance improves strength and stamina. Use of water equipment

Functional Fitness

Studio B

Train your muscles and brain at the same time! Turn common movements into fun and challenging exercises.  

Pilates Fusion

Studio B

Low-impact exercise with precise movements and breathe control.  This class will help to engage the core to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility.

Happy Hips & Hamstrings

Studio C

Yoga class designed to help stretch, release and mobilize your hips and hamstrings. Slow flow moving practice.


Studio B

A group resistance training class choreographed to powerful music. Weight training with high repetitions and low loads to build muscle and improve performance.

Strength & Conditioning

Studio B

Designed to increase physical strength through weight-bearing and resistance exercises.

Aqua Fitness

Warm Water Activity Pool FL

Intermediate Tai Chi

Studio B

Take your skills to the next level with new concepts introduced to progress to a deeper and more internal understanding and practice.

Restorative Yoga

Studio C

holding yoga poses (asanas) for a longer duration. Use of props like yoga blocks, blankets, and bolsters. deep relaxation, meditative aspect of yoga.

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